Our Mission

At the core of our curriculum is a biblical foundation developed to support your personal spiritual growth and purpose.

Mission Statement

The purpose of Shiloh University is to provide high-quality, practical, and affordable online Christian higher education programs to a worldwide audience. Shiloh University seeks to nurture in its students a personal relationship with God, and a true knowledge of the Bible, His Word. The University is committed to teaching biblical principles and equipping men and women in the application of these principles in their lives and ministries.

To fulfill its mission, Shiloh University is committed to:

  • Provide programs of study for training in Christian ministry as well as non-ministry programs from a Holy Spirit-filled Christian worldview.
  • Foster spiritual growth in the Christian community by providing courses for personal development and enrichment.
  • Facilitate a successful online learning experience for our students.
  • Honor the Lordship of Jesus Christ in all of the affairs of the University.

Institutional Objectives

In support of its mission, Shiloh University is also committed to the following institutional objectives and core values:

  • Conduct its operations and make public representations about the University in an ethical manner.
  • Meet or exceed standards set by accrediting and regulatory agencies in all aspects of its educational services.
  • Provide accessibility and flexibility in the delivery of its online programs and services.
  • Evaluate and improve annually its services, instruction, and programs of study.
  • Develop in its students the competencies necessary for effective Christian ministry and life skills.
  • Foster university-level competencies for critical thinking, effective research, and communication.
  • Promote the character and disciplines undergirding an effective Christian life and ministry.
  • Promote a lifestyle of continual learning, growth, compassion, and ministry to others.