Add/Drop Policy

Adding Courses

Courses added after the official registration period (see Academic Calendar) are subject to class availability, class size restrictions, and adequate time for the student to become prepared for the first week of class. A $20 late registration fee will be charged for courses added after the official registration period.

Undergraduate and Graduate Students: To add a class, submit an updated Class Request Card with all courses you intend to enroll in. As usual, wait to receive a registration confirmation before purchasing any materials.

Dropping Courses

Courses may be dropped through the end of the second week of classes; a dropped course will not hold an academic penalty nor appear on the final transcript. Beginning the third week of classes through the mid-term deadline, drop/withdrawal forms received will be processed as a withdrawal. A withdrawal does not impact grade point average but does impact attempted credit hours and will appear on transcripts. Please consult the Academic Calendar for each trimester’s specific drop and withdrawal dates. Please consult the Refund Policy for applicable refunds.

Students may notify the administrative office* of their intention to drop or withdraw from a course in any manner. However, we request that students submit a Drop/Withdrawal Form in order to ensure that all the necessary information has been received and to expedite the refund process. The financial office will follow up regarding any applicable refunds.

* The Admissions Office or the Registrar’s office. Communications sent to instructors, advisors, or student services will not be considered an official notification.