Grading Policy

Grade Point Average

  • Grade point average (GPA) is the indicator of a student’s academic performance.
  • The GPA is calculated for all courses taken by the student during enrollment for a specific program. It reflects the student’s performance for all trimesters up to the latest term of study.
  • Grades A through F are counted in the student’s cumulative GPA.
  • GPAs are calculated up to two decimal digits, with any third decimal digit truncated.
  • The GPA is shown on students’ transcripts.
  • To graduate with a graduate level degree, a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher is required.
  • To graduate with an undergraduate level degree a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher is required.

Grading Policy

  • Letter grades are assigned for courses taken at a degree level.
  • Grades are assigned by the instructor based upon examinations and other course work identified in the syllabus.
  • The instructor reserves the right to change or modify the syllabus during the trimester. Any such changes will be announced.
  • Grades are sent to the Registrar’s Office for entry into the student’s academic record.
  • No grade is official until it is published in the student’s academic record.
  • Students attaining a D or better earn credit units for the course.
  • Students may repeat a course (one time only) to improve a C or below.

Grading Criteria

A4.0093 – 100Excellent
A-3.6790 – 92.99 
B+3.3387 – 89.99 
B3.0083 – 86.99Above Average
B-2.6780 – 82.99 
C+2.3377 – 79.99 
C2.0073 – 76.99Average
C-1.6770 – 72.99 
D+1.3367 – 69.99 
D1.0063 – 66.99Passing
D-0.6760 – 62.99 
F0.000 – 59.99Failure – No credit for course work
X  Dropped course by drop date (does not impact grade point average and will not appear in final transcript)
W  Withdrawal permitted after drop date until the midterm deadline (does not impact grade point average but does impact attempted credit and will appear on transcript)
WF0.00 Withdrawal after the midterm deadline will be counted as an F in the computation of the grade point average
I  Incomplete (does not impact grade point average until completion or conversion to grade)
IP  In Progress – For graduate and doctoral projects spanning more than one trimester
P  Pass – Satisfactory (does not impact GPA)
NP  Nonpass – Less than satisfactory (does not impact GPA)