What is the impact of dropping/adding a class?

Students who drop classes early enough in the semester to receive an adjustment in tuition may also receive an adjustment in financial aid. If a student plans on adjusting their enrollment hours, they should first contact the Financial Aid Office to determine the impact on their financial aid.

The amount of Federal Pell Grant awarded will vary depending on a student’s enrollment status: 4-5 hours (half-time); 6-7 hours (three-quarter time); or 8 or more hours (full-time). Students whose enrollment and, subsequent tuition charges, change will also experience a change in the amount of their Federal Pell Grant if they change enrollment status (i.e., full-time to three-quarter time).

Federal Direct Stafford and Direct PLUS Loans require half-time enrollment each semester and will be cancelled if the student enrolls and is charged for less than 4 hours (3 hours for graduate students). Students charged for enrollment below full-time (8 hours undergraduate and 6 hours graduate), will have costs adjusted according to enrollment and, if necessary, aid will be adjusted to remain within the student’s financial need.

Students who drop hours still need to maintain satisfactory academic progress standards. Students who drop hours while on satisfactory academic progress (SAP) probation still must meet their probation requirements or future financial aid will be denied without an accepted SAP appeal.