Tuition & Aid

“Right out of high school, I began to work full time in order to pay my way through college. Through Shiloh University, I’ve been able to afford the highest quality of education without being crippled by the debt of student loans.” — Leandra A., AA Alumna

It is Shiloh University’s mission to provide a world-class education at rates that are as affordable as possible. Driven by this passion to educate tomorrow’s Christian leaders without requiring them to take on a burdensome debt load, the University offers tuition that is significantly lower than other options: University tuition is over five times less expensive than the national average!1

In addition to very affordable tuition rates, the University seeks to meet every student’s needs through international discounts, financial aid opportunities, and scholarships. Contact us to find out how affordable a life-transforming education can be.


Undergraduate Tuition Rates and Cost of Attendance
Graduate Tuition Rates and Cost of Attendance
Doctoral Tuition Rates and Cost of Attendance
Personal Enrichment Tuition Rates and Cost of Attendance

Financial Aid

Shiloh University students have access to a full range of Federal Student Aid grant and loan programs. The Financial Aid Office is ever ready to assist you in exploring available options and finding your pathway to an affordable education.


The University has a number of scholarships available for those in need.

International Discounts

The University provides discounts of up to 50% off of tuition for students living in certain countries. Contact us for information about individual eligibility.


1. Based on a comparison of Shiloh University tuition and fee costs with Undergraduate (private) and Graduate (private and public) averages published by the National Center for Educational Statistics.