The Feast of Purim is a Jewish holiday that celebrates the deliverance of the Jews from genocide during their exile in the Persian Kingdom. In addition to the miracle of Jewish survival despite the efforts of their enemies, Purim celebrates God’s intimate involvement in every aspect of the world. For example, while the name of God is not mentioned at all in the book of Esther, His hand is seen behind all of the events of the story. In addition, behind the scenes during the time of the Persian rule, a spiritual revival was happening among the exiles as later described in the book of Ezra.

The story of Purim reminds us that even with the global persecution of God’s people, He is faithfully and intimately involved in every aspect of their lives. In the New Testament, we are encouraged to support and pray for those who are persecuted (Mt. 25:36; Col. 4:18; Heb. 13:3). As we pray, let us remember God’s love and care for His own. As Jesus said to His disciples, “Do not worry or be afraid. You may not always see it, but the Father sees you, knows you, watches over for you, and provides for you” (Mt. 5:10; 6:25-26; 10:29-31; Jn. 17:13-21).

Written by Chris Reeves, President
March 9, 2020

President Reeves is a founding member of Shiloh University’s Board of Trustees and is responsible for the University’s operations and executive leadership.

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