James P. Girdlestone


Dr. James Patrick Girdlestone holds a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies from The Master’s College and a Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry from The King’s University.

Professional Bio

Dr. Girdlestone has served as a pastor in full-time ministry since 1998. He has served as the director of a school of missions, an associate pastor, an assistant teaching pastor, a church planter and a lead pastor. He has served in mega-churches and small churches, in a variety of ad-hoc ministry settings nationally and internationally, and as a church consultant.

These roles included fulfilling teaching/mentoring opportunities in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, various places in the U.K. and Northern Ireland, as well as Russia, Siberia, Israel, Greece, and Turkey. Most of these ministry settings involved teaching and mentoring others in shaping their ministries for relevance in evangelism and spiritual growth in a variety of challenging cultural settings in this modern age.

As an author he has been published in a variety of local, national, and web venues. His writing has been published in article form, and is being anthologized in book form, by Christianity Today’s Leadership Journal. His area of emphasis with Shiloh University is Doctoral Studies.

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