Undergraduate Christian Studies Certificate

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Explore the foundations of Christian thought through Scripture, history, and theology in this 6-course series.

Explore the foundations of Christian thought through the lens of Scripture, history, and theology. This six-course series provides a broad base of study from which students will gain an appreciation of the Biblical narrative, principles, and how the church has interpreted them throughout history.

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Undergraduate Certificate Courses

Required Courses – 15 units
CH 301 Survey of Church History
(prerequisite: GS 110, GS 111)
3 units
NT 301 Introduction to the New Testament 3 units
OT 301 Introduction to the Old Testament 3 units
TH 301 Theology 1
(prerequisite: GS 110, GS 111)
3 units
TH 302 Theology 2
(prerequisite: TH 301)
3 units
Elective Courses – 3 units
(choose one of the following)
MT 305 Introduction to Biblical Interpretation
(prerequisite: GS 110, GS 111)
3 units
CH 304 Spiritual Outpouring and Revival
(prerequisite: GS 110, GS 111)
3 units
MT 310 Divine Healing and Miracles
(prerequisite: GS 110, GS 111)
3 units
OT 302 Historical Geography of Israel
(prerequisite: GS 110, GS 111)
3 units
Note: GS 110 and GS 111 (English Composition 1 & 2) must be completed at Shiloh University with a C or better or be satisfied by transfer credit.

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Graduation Requirements

To graduate with the Undergraduate Christian Studies Certificate the student will:

  • Complete the minimum number of units required.
  • Pass all courses in the certificate program.
  • Earn a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0.
  • Fulfill any outstanding school financial obligations.

Transfer Credits

Credits earned as part of this certificate program are credit-bearing and may be transferable to other institutions. The acceptance of transfer of Shiloh University academic credit at other institutions cannot be guaranteed. Transfer of credit earned is determined by the receiving institution.

If a certificate student chooses to later apply to a Shiloh University degree program, no more than 18 units can be transferred from University certificate programs to a degree program.

Degree Program Students

Students in the BA in Biblical and Pastoral Studies or BA in New Testament Studies may apply to earn 1 certificate while enrolled in a degree program, not more. Students in the Associate of Arts program may not earn a certificate.