Giving to Scholarships

Shiloh University’s mission is to provide an inclusive world-class education at rates that are as affordable as possible. But for those with additional needs, it is always the University’s goal to provide each student with a pathway to an affordable education. In addition to having access to a full range of Federal Student Aid grant and loan programs, the University is ever working to expand scholarship opportunities available by partnering with generous donors like you.

You may be thinking: Why should I give to a Shiloh University scholarship fund instead of giving to other organizations or Universities?

Shiloh University is uniquely prepared to make the most of every dollar you donate as we partner to meet the global need for trained pastors and leaders:

  • We are a Cost Leader in Biblical Education: As part of its mission to provide affordable ministry education to all, Shiloh University’s tuition rates are over five times more affordable than the national average[1]. This means that every dollar you donate will be at least five times more effective in providing life changing education to ministry students worldwide.
  • The 100% Online Cost Difference: While many programs advertise themselves as being online, they often require students to travel to campus periodically. These hidden travel costs, and the detrimental time away from ministers’ congregations and responsibilities, prevent many students from enrolling. Shiloh University’s courses are truly 100% online so students never have to set foot on campus, saving thousands in travel costs.

Giving to an Existing Scholarship Fund

To give to one of our existing scholarship funds, simply select the donate button above and include the scholarship fund name in the additional instructions field. To see a list of all available scholarship funds, see the University Scholarship page.

As increased funds are donated, more awards will be available annually at a potentially higher dollar amount. To find out more about how students receive scholarships, see the Scholarship Policy section below.

Establishing a New Scholarship Fund

If you would like to establish a new scholarship fund, simply select the donate button above and state “new scholarship” in the additional instructions field. You will then be contacted by a University charitable giving representative who will work with you to create a scholarship fund.

Scholarship Policies

Scholarship Eligibility

Scholarships are awarded annually to eligible students. Depending on the scholarship, eligibility factors may include financial need or merit-based qualifications. See individual scholarships and criteria on the University Scholarship page. Unless otherwise stated in individual scholarship criteria, all scholarships require full-time continuous enrollment each semester at Shiloh University as well as maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress. Reviews for scholarship renewals are completed each semester.

Scholarship Awarding

University administered scholarships are typically disbursed in three equal payments in conjunction with the fall, spring, and summer trimesters. Scholarship funds are first applied to the student’s University tuition costs. Any excess funds beyond tuition are then reimbursed to the student directly.

For students graduating mid-year, total scholarship funds awarded may be reduced; they will not receive a refund of excess scholarship monies or an increase in their award amount for the enrolled semesters. If a student withdraws from some or all of their courses, scholarship funds will be owed back to the University per the Return of Scholarship Funds policy.

Cost of Attendance Maximum

Shiloh University policy requires the sum of all scholarships and grants to be equal to or less than the Cost of Attendance that is established annually by the Shiloh University Financial Aid Office (SU FAO). This means that students will never be awarded more funding than they need to support their education, ensuring that your scholarship donation is used appropriately by students.

If the sum of all scholarships and grants, combined with outside scholarships and grants, exceeds the Cost of Attendance, Shiloh University scholarships and grants will be reduced to keep all scholarships and grants within the Cost of Attendance.

[1] Based on a comparison of Shiloh University tuition and fee costs with Undergraduate (private) and Graduate (private and public) averages published by the National Center for Educational Statistics.