Library Resources

Online Resources

E-library Resources (found inside the classroom) provide convenient access to a variety of online resources to multiple types of databases to include books and journals, bibliographies, online encyclopedias, Bibles and Bible study tools, Hebrew and Greek text, and an aggregation of sites for biblical, theological, religious and education studies. The e-Library includes the following resources:

Library Information Resources Network (LIRN)

LIRN is a consortium of educational institutions that have joined together to share access to information through various databases to include ProQuest and GALE Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) providing millions of peer-reviewed and full-text journal articles, magazine and newspaper articles, and e-books supporting academic programs.

Theological Research Exchange Network (TREN)

TREN houses over 100,000 dissertations and theses in the area of Theological Research.

Interlibrary loan (ILL)

The Interlibrary loan (ILL) is available for journal articles through the Association of Christian Librarians, the State of Iowa College and University system. ILL journal resources are also available in multiple languages from major foreign libraries and universities. Send your request to the librarian with the best available bibliographic information to include: author of article, title of article, journal title, volume number, year of publication as well as and any other information that will assist in identifying the article you are looking for.

Turnaround time is generally 24-72 hours depending on availability. All items come with the following use statement: “This copy, provided to you under the fair dealing and library exceptions in the Copyright Act, is to be used solely for research, private study, review, criticism or news reporting, and should not be recopied in print or digital form.”

For help or questions email the Shiloh University Librarian

Personal Biblical Studies Software

To further enhance their research options, biblical studies students are encouraged to own biblical studies software. If students do not already own such software, Shiloh University students receive a significant discount off the initial purchase of a Logos Library package. A Logos digital library package is a tremendous collection of research tools and materials for advanced biblical study.