Doctoral Cost of Attendance

Driven by a passion to educate tomorrow’s Christian leaders without requiring them to take on crippling debt, the University offers tuition that is significantly lower than other options: University tuition is over five times less expensive than the national average![4]

Doctoral Tuition Rate

2020-2021 Doctoral courses: $300 per credit hour

Shiloh University tuition is calculated on a per-credit basis. Enrollment status achieved (part-time or full-time) does not affect the amount charged; students who enroll for a more-than-full-time load will still be charged the standard per-credit rate.

Degree Program Total Costs

The following tables provide total program cost for Doctoral degrees at the 2020-2021 per-credit rate with associated books, supplies, and fees. Federal Student Aid recipients must refer to the Annual Cost of Attendance figures below.

Doctor of Ministry in Relational Leadership
Year 1 Tuition ($300 x 18 credits) $5,400
Year 2 Tuition ($300 x 15 credits) $4,500
Year 3 Tuition ($300 x 3 credits, project supervision fee*) $2,700
Textbook costs ($120 per course estimate)** $1,320
Doctoral program total cost $13,920

Degree Program Annual Cost of Attendance

The following tables provide the Doctoral Annual Cost of Attendance for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 Academic Years.

Costs include full-time tuition, books, supplies, and fees in addition to housing and meals estimates and other qualifying expenses. Federal Student Aid Cost of Attendance calculations are based on this information.

2019-2020 Doctoral Annual Cost of Attendance
Tuition ($300 x 18 credits per year)[1] $5,400
Books and Supplies ($100 per course estimate)** $600
Housing and Meals[2] $15,251
Other Expenses[3] $2,939
2019-2020 Total Cost $24,310

2020-2021 Doctoral Annual Cost of Attendance
Tuition ($300 x 18 credits per year)[1] $5,400
Books and Supplies ($120 per course estimate)** $720
Housing and Meals[2] $11,780
Other Expenses[3] $2,546
2020-2021 Total Cost $20,446

* The project supervision fee covers the faculty support of the student’s ministry research project through the fall, spring, and summer trimesters of year 3. For refund purposes the fee will be considered a tuition fee assigned to each trimester.

** Students may purchase textbooks from the vendor of their choice. Therefore, the cost listed above is only a best estimate.

1. Graduate full-time status is 18 credits per year (6 credits per trimester). See Satisfactory Academic Progress policy for more information about enrollment status.

2. This is an estimate of personal living expenses for the 12-month period covered by the academic year. Actual expenses will vary considerably depending on student’s location and spending habits. Any financial aid refund (aid in excess of tuition and fee costs) should be used to pay for books, supplies, and living expenses.

Despite being a 100% online institution, Shiloh University is required to choose a specific location on which it bases housing and meals costs. The University selected the closest urban center to its administrative offices, Iowa City. Housing cost (2020-2021: $8,474) is based on a survey of various rental options in the area. Meal cost (2020-2021: $3,306) is based on USDA Cost of Food at Home average determined by the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion.

3. Other Expenses is an estimate of miscellaneous personal costs including but not limited to clothing, personal hygiene, entertainment, and laundry. Transportation expenses are not included because transportation is not needed for online course work.

4. Based on a comparison of Shiloh University tuition and fee costs with undergraduate tuition and fees (private colleges) and graduate tuition and fees (private and public colleges) averages published by the National Center for Educational Statistics.